Landscape Shots in Real Estate Photography

Aug 7, 2023 | Marketing Tips & Tricks

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In real estate photography, every angle, every detail, and even the orientation of the shot can significantly impact how a potential buyer perceives a property. While portrait or vertical shots have their place, landscape orientation offers distinct advantages, particularly in the world of real estate. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the benefits of landscape shots compared to portrait shots and why you should consider this orientation for your property listings.

A Wider Perspective

Landscape shots provide a wider angle, capturing more of the property and its surroundings. This is invaluable in real estate, where potential buyers want to see as much as possible. The extended view offers a comprehensive perspective that helps buyers visualize the space better, making it more appealing.

Enhanced Contextual Information

Context is king in real estate. Buyers don’t just want to see the property; they want to understand where it fits within its surroundings. Landscape shots are particularly effective for this, allowing room for elements like neighboring houses, gardens, or even the horizon, providing invaluable contextual cues.

Increased Visual Drama

With the broader aspect ratio, landscape shots lend themselves well to visual storytelling, introducing a level of drama that’s often missing in portrait shots. Whether it’s the golden hour sky stretching above a home or the sprawling expanse of a backyard, landscape shots capture the elements that make a property unique, painting a compelling picture that engages buyers.

Better for Digital Platforms

The digital world favors landscape orientation. Most websites, listing platforms, and social media channels are optimized for landscape images, meaning your photos will appear more naturally and with better quality on these platforms. In contrast, portrait images often get cropped or resized, losing vital parts of the shot in the process.

Consistency in Marketing Materials

When you’re working on a diverse marketing strategy that includes digital ads, brochures, and billboards, consistency is key. Landscape orientation is more flexible across a variety of mediums, making it easier to maintain a cohesive brand image in all your marketing materials.

Easier Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are becoming increasingly popular, and these often rely on wide, panoramic shots to give viewers an immersive experience. Landscape orientation is better suited for this, providing a more comfortable and natural viewing angle that closely mimics human sight.

When To Use Portrait

While landscape orientation holds significant advantages in real estate photography, there’s a time and place for vertical or portrait shots as well. Specifically, portrait photos shine in social media posts and printed marketing materials. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest often favor vertical layouts, making portrait shots a strategic choice for capturing audience attention. Similarly, printed materials like brochures or flyers can benefit from the elongated perspective of vertical shots, allowing for unique design layouts and focal points. However, these should be used selectively and purposefully, complementing rather than replacing the broader context provided by landscape shots.


While portrait shots have specific applications, the benefits of landscape orientation in real estate photography are manifold. From offering a wider perspective to better suiting digital platforms, landscape shots can elevate your property listings, offering a comprehensive and captivating view that engages potential buyers. So, the next time you’re preparing to market a property, consider the powerful impact that landscape shots can have on your success.

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