Last updated December 30, 2022

Copyright: Per U.S. Copyright Law, Toledo Real Estate Media retains title, ownership, and copyrights of ALL Assets created by Toledo Real Estate Media and its employees.

Real Property – License Grant: Perpetual and personal use of the Asset(s) is/are granted exclusively to the Purchaser. This licensing only extends to the MLS, or any other real estate platform whose only purpose is to market ‘For Sale’ or ‘For Lease”‘ the real property in which the Asset(s) were taken of, but also requires guaranteed permission or guaranteed copyrights to use the Asset(s).

Non-Real Property – License Grant: Perpetual use of the Asset(s) is/are granted to the Purchaser. The Purchaser, at will, may also extend their permission and rights of the Asset(s) to any entity they choose.

Limitations: The Purchaser shall NOT resell or transfer ANY Asset(s) without a written agreement from Toledo Real Estate Media, no exceptions.

Extensions & Buyoutst: Customers may request a license extension or buyout option at any time by contacting us here.